Poets & Poetry

The woman

‌As a spectator I observed
As she fought for the rights she deserved.

‌Every man who thought he was better than her
Would crumple to his feet begging to let go.
But as he saw what she could do,
He would kneel down and bow.

She fought and made them realize her worth
Her eyes burning like fire above the hearth.

Her every action turned eyes and soon she was an icon
Women aspired to be like her while men feared her wrath.
She was like the light,
Which attracted all moths.

‌She continued to show the world what she could do.
She had become the lion of her big zoo.

When she knocked the door asking for justice,
She was taken seriously for once.
Her influence was too big to deny
It had spread within the mass of tons.

As a spectator I smiled when she reached her goal
I was happy that she was burning with triumph like coal.