Poets & Poetry

The world we live in

I’m looking for the right song
In a world where I don’t belong
Trying to find the right words
That would match the right chords.

In the middle of all the chaos
Where a kind heart is sparse
I’m looking for a human being
Who could help me fight this feeling?
In a world full of fake smiles
Where everyone has to face trials
I’m searching for a place to hide
Somewhere far away from the tide.

In a place drowning with tears
Where we’re ganged upon by our fears
I’m holding on to happy memories
Hoping that time would just freeze.

In a world that’s like a war zone
Where no one should feel alone
I’m looking for something like the sun
That can unite us and help us act as one.

In a race that’s lost its spark
Where stars can only shine in the dark
I’m waiting for others to realize
That during the day one star still shines.