These earbuds will change the way you sleep

Ozlo sleepbuds in their charging case

Ozlo Sleepbuds are designed to mask unwanted noise while you sleep with passive noise cancellation. Available in sizes L to XS, Sleepbuds are engineered to stay secure in your ears all night long. The umbrella-shaped ear tip seals off your ear canal, while the pliable wing fits into the ridge of your ear. Sleepbuds lets you stream music, audiobooks, podcasts and other audio. Its in-built biometric sensors detect when you’ve fallen asleep, and gently transition into multiple masking tracks and play them all night long or for a pre-set amount of time, or transition to silence. The smart charging case’s environmental sensors can report on potential sleep disturbances like noise, light or temperature that could impact your sleep quality. The buds’ built-in alarm gently wakes you from your sleep. Sleepbuds gives you up to 10 hours of listening time on a single charge, and the charging case holds four additional charges. Its companion app, Ozlo Sleep, offers a variety of masking sounds, sleep reports, and customization options.