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Illustration of a man drinking antacid soda
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

You probably love a cup of coffee or that delicious chai at your favourite tea stall. But how often do you go out of the way to experiment with or try out unique beverages and juices? Well, there are people who consume them every day around the world. Let’s check out some of these concoctions.

Antacid soda, anyone?

Cartoon man drinking blue tea in Thailand
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Who doesn’t like the flavour of antacid syrups and who hasn’t secretly wished it would make a splendid drink? Well, we aren’t alone! Why else would someone come up with antacid flavour soda? A company called Jones Soda, already famous for the quirkiest soda flavours, offers this drink complete with a measuring cup for an authentic experience.

Finally, blue tea!

There’s black tea, green tea, brown tea… what was missing was blue tea, and that’s something that’s already gaining popularity. The bright, aqua blue colour of this clear tea is attributed to brewing dried butterfly pea flowers and is popular in Thailand. This tea, not surprisingly, has a floral taste. Prefer purple to blue? Simply add a dash of lemon juice to it!

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