Think Hatke! (Gaming)

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This one is for all the gamers. I love playing FIFA in my free time. I have mini tournaments at my home with my friends regularly. While observing my friends compete against each other, it strikes me, wouldn’t it be cool to do this as your career? As it gets paid to play games or to make them! And guess what? IT IS A CAREER!

The past year has seen a boom in the gaming scene. PUBG, Fortnite, FIFA, Online chess, Counter strike, Fortnite, etc., have all seen a tremendous increase in the number of players. Yes, we can get the cause down to the lockdown but the e-gaming scene has been developing all around the world for many years now.

There are 5 major gaming networks in India now as well:

  1. ESL India Premiership: For games such as Brawl Stars, Counter-Strike, Dota-2, FIFA, League of Legends, Mortal Kombat, etc.

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