This tiny webcam only listens to you when you’re on camera

Hand holding the Opal Tadpole webcam

The smallest external webcam ever made, Opal’s Tadpole measures just 1.25” squared, weighs just 35 gms, and attaches to your laptop with a built-in clip. The camera has a 4K, 48MP Sony Exmor RS sensor and an f/1.8 six-element glass lens that lets in as much light as a professional camera. An AI-powered directional VisiMic microphone is the first mic to capture only what the camera can see, letting sound waves pass through a sonic tunnel inside the device. Any sound outside the camera’s field of view is not recorded. It connects to Mac and PC laptops via USB, with a capacitive sensor in the plug that allows for single-tap muting/unmuting of the camera. Its braided USB cable turns the Tadpole into wraparound wrist candy or you can use its transparent carry case.