Three Of Us

Poster of the movie Three Of Us

In Avinash Arun’s cinematic masterpiece, Three Of Us, the themes of memory, nostalgia and roots intertwine seamlessly, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. At the heart of the narrative is Shailaja, portrayed with exquisite nuance by Shefali Shah, a character grappling with dementia. Her poignant journey unfolds as she yearns to return to her quaint Konkan village, accompanied by her devoted husband, played by Pradeep Kirkire. Along the way, they navigate through the weight of burdened memories and a poignant exploration of lost love, embodied by Jaideep Ahlawat. Varun Grover’s evocative dialogues enhance the narrative, delving into depths of emotion beyond the surface. Arun’s directorial finesse, coupled with stellar performances and a poignant script, elevates Three Of Us to a cinematic experience that lingers in the viewer’s memory long after the credits roll.