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Till eternity

Wherever I don’t see you,
Are all those places
Where I feel lonely.
Knowing the mistakes I make,
You always held my hand,
To make me choose wisely.
I love to be yours,
Because you are the person
Who will never doubt my ability.
When you turned towards me,
What turned away from me
Was my anxiety.
Deeply, madly, truly,
I consider you as the miracle of my life,
That came to me a little late in life,
But all so magically.
In case of
Ever feeling insecure,
I will hold on a lot more tightly.
You see pain in my smile,
You are the one I love,
Blindly, completely, fully.
Over all these years it was
Your friendship that made it all so easier,
I think of you highly.
I will be here always,
Even after the last star
In the galaxy dies,
Because I fell head over heels for you,
I need you till eternity.