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So here’s the thing — we all love shopping online and why won’t we? Everything is a lot cheaper online and you’ve got way more choices than any store! Sure, the world wide web has made life easy, but at the same time with so much choice it gets difficult to shop without overspending. Every time I want to shop I scroll through sites and see many things I love and keep bookmarking the page or leave the tab open so I can ask my friends and family for a suggestion. But isn’t it annoying when you like something and need some suggestion, you have to keep that tab open on your browser or just bookmark it? Do you also tend to overspend on similar things sometimes? Because you just can’t decide which one is better? Do you buy stuff and end up not using them because you can’t pair it with anything? Yeah, that happens a lot with me too!

Just a few days ago I was complaining about it to a friend and he said, “People in India don’t use Pinterest but it’s actually pretty cool. You can just pin everything you want and shop. It helps you organize your shopping.” And he was so very right! He also told me to use Pinterest myself before I wrote about it so I started using it to organize my work and my shopping. To say I loved it would be an understatement. But before I tell you how you can organize your shopping I’d like to thank my lovely, supportive and the most critical friend (wink, wink) Ankur Jangra! Thank you for the idea.

This is what you can do with Pinterest to organize your shopping and make your life easier.

1. Download
The first thing you need to do is download the application on your phone and install the Pin button on your browser.

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2. Understand
Understand how you can use Pinterest. Once you install the Pin button on your browser, log into it via your Facebook account/email id. Set up your profile. After this you can start creating your boards.

3. Budgeting
Pick the budget for your shopping — how much you want to spend on your footwear, bags, make-up, skirts, tops, dresses and so on. Remember not to overspend. Pick items within your budget.

4. Organize
Here’s how you can organize your shopping:

a. Create a board for your make-up and start pinning everything you want from shopping sites — from foundation to highlighter — as per your budget to the board.

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