Poets & Poetry


by Sr Bindu Abraham
Nirmala High School, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Time is running like the overflowing waters
So vivacious, so impatient, so frantic.
As if its destiny will change
It doesn’t wait for any.

I sat at the thoroughfare watching the workers
Ready to be hired for someone
Waiting endlessly, timelessly.
They don’t know who’s going to employ them for a day
A day of hard labour or lazy waiting.

Every moment is precious, thoughtful…
Attentive and contemplative
Watching the movements of the day
Weary, humiliated, frustrated and pampered
Sunny moments…
Wintry moments …
Ambiguous and abstract moments.
Beautiful and picturesque ones.
Most unforgettable ones.
Most ridiculous ones.
Written in the unwritten registry of the mind
Exploring day after day.

Beauty and solace within oneself!
Who knows what’s going to be of the time
One thing is sure it doesn’t wait for anyone
Doesn’t wait for approval or a hate talk
It moves in its own rhythm
Tampering the disheartened and powerful under its
Gigantic feet…
Allow me to bid adieu to thee
In the most adorable and respectful way
Utilizing each priceless moment carefully under
Your watchful care, oh mighty one…

Published in the August 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.