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To you

by Nandita Khajuria (14)
Delhi Public School, Katra

I see you in the nights
Right before closing my eyes,
Taking imagination to its height
Something deep in my heart lies.

My dreams are no longer calm
Your face fills my dreams
I see myself in your arms
I’m in love it seems.

The way you look at me
Starts a fire in my heart.
It feels as if you’ve set me free
All the barriers have fallen apart.

You hold me with that passion
For which I live and may die.
You’re even more than an obsession
No one but you can take me that high.

And when you fiercely hold me tight
Under the roof of a million stars,
Even the wrong feels right
You heal all my scars.

When my lips feel your kiss
I wish that time may stop,
In that unending moment of bliss
Under that first raindrop.

Awake under the night sky
Wishing to be there forever
In your arms I wish to die
For eternity being together.

Feeling your body’s warmth
Next to mine all day long
Is all that my heart wants;
I spend my noons singing your song.

I don’t cry any more
For no longer do I feel worthless.
You’ll forever love me, I’m so sure
And all this to you I confess.

This poem has been published in the August 2015 issue of The Teenager Today.