Train your brain

Muse Headband

The Muse headband by InteraXon monitors the electrical activity of your brain, and pairs with an app to help you focus better, improve cognitive function and settle your mind. EEG sensors allow Muse to detect and measure your brain activity; the info is sent to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Paired with Calm, a free app (available on iOS, OS X and Android) which guides the user through a simplified form of mindfulness meditation, Pavlok’s guided sessions are designed to train your brain to manage stress and calm your mind. With instant audio feedback of either a storm or chirping birds indicating your state of relaxation, you’ll learn to improve focus. Muse graphs your data, indicating how you did by telling you how long you were “calm” (your mind was focused on the exercise), “active” (your mind wandered) or “neutral” (somewhere in the middle).