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Everything around feels the same,
Just with a few different names.
What’s the lie, the reality?
Is this a desert or is it a sea?
The trials have begun.
No matter the cost, we’ll proceed.
We know the risk; we know it’s not guaranteed.
But with all our work, all our dedication;
We can shadow the doubt, start a new foundation.

Trials of life? Trials of hope.

We made it, thanks to those restless nights.
Tired of course, but we reached new heights.
Underneath this happiness, there’s still fear.
Fear it won’t last, obstacles we won’t clear.

Trials of life? Trials of hope.

Now we feel the waves of the sea.
Always remember it was once the desert’s heat.
Both are beautiful, but both are cruel;
Desires that burn, use our dreams as fuel.

Trials of hope? Trials of despair.

We broke free from the puppet master’s strings.
With new hope, we spread our beautiful wings.
But we still face the same struggles.
No matter where, the world’s still filled with puzzles.

Trials of despair? Trials of hope?
Or maybe,
This is the trial of life.