Turn any watch smart

Kairos T-band

The Kairos T-Band is a high-tech watch band that converts your “dumb” watch into a smart one. The adjustable strap comes with a special adaptor to fit watches with a strap between 18-24 mm. The T-Band models include: T-Band ND (7 days battery life) uses vibrations and a multi-colour LED indicator to provide basic notifications for text messages or incoming calls. Its functions also include fitness tracking and a Galvanic Skin Sensor (GSR) to detect skin temperature and sweat. The discrete T-Band HD (3 days battery life) has a simple LED panel installed under a thin membrane that hides it when not active. The touchscreen display provides basic smart watch functions. The T-Band OD (3 days battery life) has a full-colour, curved OLED display. It can link to a smartphone, tablet or PC, remotely control a digital camera, control a media playlist, send preset messages and provide hands-free calling. All three bands are powered by an ARM Cortex M4 processor, are water and dust resistant and can link to social media apps. The straps are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.