Turn your fingertip into a Bluetooth earpiece with Orii Smart Ring

Orii Smart Ring

Hong Kong start-up Origami Labs’ Orii Smart Ring lets you make calls, send messages, post to social media, and interact with your voice assistant without your phone.

The key is bone conduction technology, which transmits sound privately by sending vibrations directly to your ear. You wear the ring on your index finger, and when it vibrates with an incoming call, simply lift your hand up, touch your fingertip to a spot just before your ear, then chat away.

Housed inside the splash-proof ring are a dual Bluetooth 4.0 radio with Bluetooth Low Energy support, dual-mic noise cancellation, a gyroscope, an LED (for customizable notifications in the app), a 50 mAh battery and a bone conduction actuator. The battery provides about 1.5 hours of continuous listening time and at least 40 hours of standby time.

Orii supports both iPhone’s Siri and Android’s Google Assistant to give users hands-free control.

Origami Labs’ CEO, Kevin Wong, whose father is a visually impaired software engineer originally set out to develop a device that could help his father, and others like him, get more from their phone.