Unpluq: Control Your Time

Unpluq: Control Your Time app on smartphone

Unpluq helps you reduce your screen time by breaking your habit of picking up your phone and endlessly scrolling. Recover your time and focus by making a conscious choice every time you want to access an app. Select the apps you don’t want to use and create a Schedule to automatically block them by day of the week and time. E.g. create a Productivity schedule wherein you block social media apps during study hours. Open blocked apps with a Distraction Barrier – a digital key that makes you think twice and ensures you really do want to open that app. E.g. take a walk, shake your phone, follow a random pattern by tapping, charge your phone, or use the NFC-powered Unpluq Tag physical key. Emergency Mode allows you access to apps in an emergency, and you can whitelist contacts, so notifications from them always get through.