Unspoken love

by Smriti Bhardwaj (18)
St Anthony’s Junior College, Agra

I don’t know if it was real or a dream.
We met, yes, it was our destiny.
I know you tried, you tried many times
To know me more, about my every desire.
I wanted to reply
But something or the other held me back.
Every time I look into your eyes
I wish you could me mine.
I wanted to be your paradise,
I wanted to be your every desire.
I never told you because I wanted you to be away
From the barriers that were in our way.
It was hard for me to keep silent every time
But your life is more precious than mine.
I wish I were your happiness
So whenever you feel sad I can make you feel happy.
I think I will be unable to love
Anyone, more than you in this world.
I wish for a world,
Where caste and status doesn’t matter,
Where we can live together.
You don’t know how hard it was for me
To be away from you and no one to speak.
But somewhere in my heart
I regret my silence, the things undone,
My confession to you, my words unspoken…