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Until, forever is less

by Manisha Agarwal
DPS, Agra

I’ve always wished we could meet halfway
I’ve always wished for one strange day
When you’ll be able to love me the same way.

But now, I do not think of us anymore
Your name is inked on the hundreds of pages I tore
But the love for you, now has departed
Which once in my heart I bore.

I thought we were meant to be
But we did it wrong.
I no more want to set things right
Let me be lost and forlorn.

I know my love has ended in vain
Left me broken, drowning in pain.
It is better that we are friends than lovers
I do not want to end up lamenting like others.

I should let you go…
Can’t bring myself to do that.
But one day when I leave
Would you bring me back?

But we can never be more than friends
That is exactly where our halfway ends.
With you as my best,
And me as your friend.

Published in the August 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.