USM motivates youth to evolve a vision for life

Students of St Xavier’s Sr Secondary School, Sultanpur
Students of St Xavier’s Sr Secondary School, Sultanpur

People are advised by many motivational speakers to have a vision for their life. But they, especially the young, are at a loss to create a proper vision for themselves which is suited to their taste and talents. The Universal Solidarity Movement (USM) of Value Education for Peace, Indore, has been involved in training young people to become visionary leaders with character and competence. This movement was founded by Varghese Alengaden, a youth animator, at Indore in 1993.

Varghese Alengaden, Founder - Universal Solidarity Movement (USM)
Varghese Alengaden, Founder – Universal Solidarity Movement (USM)

Vision and Mission of USM

The vision of USM is to build a civilization of love through self-transformation and social transformation. Although USM has been organizing various programmes for different stakeholders in education like students, parents, teachers and the school management, the main focus has been on training students to become visionary leaders.

USM conducts two specific activities in view of building visionary leaders: 1) Two-hour orientation sessions for high school students under the caption, ‘Personality Development for Global Leadership’, and 2) One week residential ‘Enlightened Leadership Training’ conducted at USM, Indore, for high school students.

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