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Aren’t you sick of your old clothes piling up at the back of your cupboard because, oh well, who can part with their clothes (even if you don’t wear them)? I get close to giving them away but then I get cold feet and give away two odd items at the most and it breaks my heart.

It’s sad to see clothes that you don’t even like but just bought because they looked good. And then there are clothes that you just over-wear because they’re your favourites. And those that are too big in size to be worn or fitted and those that you sort of grew out of but can’t let go of. So here’s the solution. Upcycle them! I know what you’re thinking: “We’ve heard of reuse and recycle but what’s upcycle?” Upcycling means creating something better from your old, used or unused clothes. Here are some tips on how to renew your clothes:

T-shirt dyed with fabric colours

Dye, don’t die!

Use fabric dye to colour your clothes. You can dye your pastels into a darker shade and maybe redo your dark shades with the same colour to make them look new or dye them in an even darker shade. When you dye your clothes you can use the tie and dye method to make them stand out. Tie a rope or a thread on your tee or dress, leave a little space between the threads/rope and just look at the magic you create after it’s done.

Grey t-shirt with the words 'Sunday Funday' painted on to it

Make your clothes your canvas

Get a pack of fabric colours and paint onto your tops, tees or dresses. Or write a nice quote on your basic tee with a glue gun, spray paint the entire fabric (make a galaxy if you’d like), and then carefully take off the dried glue.

Young woman wearing denim jacket with patches

Patches and laces

Just the other day I was browsing in H&M and I bought a pack of stick-on patches. You just need to place a patch on your clothes and iron it to make it stick. These are also available online. Stick them on your old jeans, tops, tees that have holes in them or that old shirt that you burnt while ironing! You can also get embroidery patches or sequined ones. Remember that crop top that you cannot wear because you have a belly now? Or that dress you love that is now too short because you grew taller? Buy Chantilly lace or crochet lace or any other lace of your liking and have it stitched onto the edge to lengthen it.

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