What lies next?

Dreaming about an uncertain future.
Thinking of the circumstances surrounding it.
Now exposed to the worst dangers ever heard off.
Nowhere to hide this time.

Why doesn’t someone swish a magic wand and throw all of this away?
I am scared and so are you.
Why should we not be?
Because all of us are aware now,
Someone is taking away the future which once was mine.

Dark clouds are over the horizon.
I am locked in my own home.
With my positivity shunned.
Even the slightest possibility is being brutally burnt.

Wherever I go,
I see misery and confusion,
I sense something grave working out in unison.

I try to pray.
But there is no response,
Is there a God or just happenstance?

People are crying, children are crying.
I am lost and so are you.
Is this the world we had foreseen?
I am not sure perhaps it is!

Yet one question stays
What lies next?
Is it death or is it life?
Whatever it is, let’s try and ‘act brave’.