What’s the time?

It always seems as if public clocks are simply around so that they come in handy to know the time for those times when you can’t bother to pull out your smartphone or check your watch. Some clocks pride themselves on being quirky, unique or perfectionists. Let’s check them out this month.

Illustration of girl standing near a water-powered clock in Osaka, Japan
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

H2O powered clock

In Osaka, Japan, there is a water clock that has a very unique way of showing people the time. With 400 nozzles completely controlled by computers, the time is continuously displayed through sprays of water. Since it’s never really enough just to know the time, it also displays a variety of pre-programmed patterns. The water continuously collects in a basin and is recirculated. So, is this really unique clock worth 30 litres of water per minute?

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