Poets & Poetry

Whirlpool of life

The intricate threads of life, love and respect woven with utmost care
Are entangled together for everyone to share.

Responsibility and duty
Add more meaning to the embellishments of beauty.

Pondering over the whirl of issues
We stop considering our wearing tissues.

The tired eyelids demand of sleep
But all we do is weep
Over the trivial matters that cause us grief.

Reconsidering the mistakes leave us vulnerable
For we may hate considering that we weren’t able.

Being happy-go-lucky was long ago
Because things change as we grow.

They say life is a mess
Full of distress.

As happiness lies no longer in toys and games
It’s when we try to fit in the frames
Built by the society in order to achieve our aims.

In this rush we loosen the ties of the intricate threads of life
Hitting hard, falling apart weren’t supposed to be a part of our ideal journey.

In this web of life and death where we stand is in futile future
Wasting our present thinking of things which may never happen.

May your journey be the one where threads are strong enough to survive your struggles,
May your eyes gleam with the tint of satisfaction,
May your heart throb with the smile on every face,
May you conquer all.