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Who are you in your heart?

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One of the most well-known stumbling blocks to commencing a passion-based life is predicting what you are passionate about. Michael Hyatt says, “Your heart is the essence of who you are, it is your authentic self, the core of your being. Make it your top priority.” The best way to realize how to be yourself is to comprehend who you are at your innermost, deepest and fundamental level. When you know who you are, when your mission is crystal clear and you burn with the inner fire of indestructible will, no cold can touch your heart. Aristotle believed that there is one thing that remains constant in everything — what he called entelechy or one’s ‘elemental potential’.

Ambika decided to reveal her hidden potential during her final year of graduation. She approached her faculties and expressed her desire to participate in a dance competition. A faculty member told her, “From the start of your academic year you have not participated in any events. It will be very difficult for you to do so now.” Ambika replied, “Give me an opportunity. I’ll prove myself.” Her request was refused. Her classmates laughed at her intention to take part in the competition. Ambika ignored them. She approached a senior faculty member, Deepika, and again asked to participate in the competition. Deepika initially refused. However, she was impressed with Ambika’s initiative and interest and finally allowed her to take part. Ambika won the second prize! Deepika was overwhelmed. Surprised by Ambika’s amazing performance, the students asked Deepika, “Ma’am, what happened when Ambika came to your office?” Deepika replied, “Ambika expressed her interest to participate in the competition and I believed in her potential.” She added, “You need to take risks and trust and encourage others in life. That is what I did and Ambika proved herself by winning second position.”

Every human being has a tremendous capacity to realize his or her potential. When you know what you are doing, nothing will stop you.

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Shivanand Pandit, based in Goa, is a tax specialist, financial adviser, guest faculty and public speaker.

Shivanand Pandit

Shivanand Pandit, based in Goa, is a tax specialist, financial adviser, guest faculty and public speaker.