Poets & Poetry

Who is she?

She says she is fearless.
Is she really?
Deep down she has an ongoing battle
With her fears.
She never lost someone close
So, they say, you won’t understand the pain
Yes, she doesn’t
And maybe she doesn’t want to.
What if she is suffering from her own loss,
But only in a different way?
They want her to behave in a certain manner
Even suffer in a certain way,
They tell her to stay within the boundaries
She could stay, only if she knew how to.
The more they force her,
The more power she feels within her, to step out.
They say she’s worthless but
She’s glad that she knows her worth
And knows that her smile is enough
To make it through the day…
When she goes to bed and
Sees the moonlight filling her room,
And as each wave of the cool breeze
Touches her face and passes through her
She feels satisfied with herself, that
She knows how to live and smile
And she is thankful for that
And always will be…