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The pre-teen years are relatively free from problems, but the entire scene changes with teenage and puberty. Hormonal activity affects the scalp as much as the skin. The scalp is rich in oil-producing glands. These become more active during teenage. The hair becomes greasy and limp. This is due to the excess oil coating the hair shaft. While this natural oil is important for the hair, excess oil, or sebum as it is called, can cause scalp problems. Make sure that your hair and scalp are kept scrupulously clean. Dandruff and other conditions can also make an appearance during adolescence and may even lead to eruptions on the face, back and upper arms.

Dandruff is also quite common in winter, due to dryness and flakiness of the scalp. Split ends also occur. Hot oil therapy is very useful for dandruff and split ends. Once or twice a week, heat pure coconut oil and apply on the hair and scalp. Apply on ends too. Then dip a towel in hot water, squeeze out the water and wrap the hot towel around the head like a turban. Keep it on for 5 minutes. Repeat the hot towel wrap 3 or 4 times.

Leave the oil on overnight. For dandruff, next morning, apply the juice of a lemon on the scalp and wash your hair after 15 minutes. Avoid using very hot water for washing the hair. After shampoo, add two tablespoons apple cider vinegar to a mug of water and use as a last rinse.

The hair should be washed at least twice a week, using a mild herbal shampoo. A henna based shampoo is good for dandruff. Very little shampoo should be used. Dilute it with a little water and then apply. Rinse the hair well with water, in order to get rid of all soapy and oily residues. In cases of severe dandruff, combs, brushes, pillow covers and towels should be washed daily, in hot water, adding a few drops of an antiseptic solution.

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