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Words speak louder than actions!

If one person slaps, the other reverts. Yet both of them end up fighting and causing destruction to their own selves.

If one country tries to attack the other, of course, the other one answers with guns ready. Both end up fighting and the loss is not just to one side; even the winner loses something or the other… maybe financially or by death of soldiers. All in all, a loss is a loss, whether it’s a big or small.

Words define us. Words are our strength. Well-chosen words have the power to change a lot!

Why didn’t they just make use of words? Was it because they were short of words or that they didn’t have the knowledge of suitable words? Neither of the two is the answer. The answer being, we believe in the use of actions. “Actions speak louder than words” is our take!

“Words speak louder than actions” is a quote that reminds me to be vigilant so that I don’t practise it vice versa. Doing the opposite, to me means committing murder!

Words are of our choice; we decide which ones to use, when and how. That isn’t the case with actions; sometimes actions end up conveying the wrong message. We possess limitations in actions. That is not the case with words. In our days, a person who has a good vocabulary and is able to converse well gains respect from everyone.

Words don’t mean penning something down on a piece of a paper or reading a book. Words define us. Words are our strength. Well-chosen words have the power to change a lot! Words display our inner and outer doings to everyone around us. Something with which we express our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, is what we define as “words”, and not actions. Everyone, including the blind and the deaf, can make use of words.

Life is possible not with the use of gadgets. Words are our basic actions in our everyday life. Words may or may not be always correct, yet those five letters, W-O-R-D-S, well used, can bring in harmony.