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Yes, love

And then there are nights,
When I want to collapse and cry,
But for some cause I am unable to,
And my eyes get dry.
I want to yell it out loud,
That love is not decimating me,
But I guess I am an awful liar,
Because that is what it has to be.

I strive my best to cover up,
I keep my sentiments in line,
I try to recall your face,
And I try to act just fine.
But oh, that precious face of yours,
And your balladry on my mind,
Trust me, it isn’t that simple,
To catch hold of time.

I spend hours envisaging scenarios,
That is how my nights pass,
With just memories on my mind,
And a mordant soreness in my heart.
I ruminate on ways of telling,
That you give me the incentive to write,
From my words to my pseudonym,
You give a meaning to my rhymes.

And it is you who kill me every day,
But it is you who have kept me sentient,
Yes, there is a heart that beats stilly,
But there aren’t any emotions left,
I know I fell for the right person,
But maybe my fate was flawed,
That love wasn’t meant for me,
And our conditions will tear me apart.

And this pain keeps escalating,
The heartache keeps me awake,
And hardly am I able to close my eyes,
When the sunlight kisses my face.
And before I realize, it is morning already,
And I am where I was yesterday,
Effete, because I want to delineate so many things,
But there is nothing I can do or say.