Yoga: Offers more than just weight loss!

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Yoga has survived for more than 5000 years. Fad workouts come and go but yoga has stood the test of time. It offers holistic health benefits of peace, serenity and well-being and contributes to the complete, all-round development of the person. It is about mental, physical and spiritual well-being and growth. Yoga is a complete art and science. It increases the flow of ‘prana’ and brings energy up your spine.

Yoga instructor Yogesh Singh says that yoga offers several spiritual benefits. “Yoga connects the body and soul to God who is the ultimate Being. No matter what your religion is, yoga helps you to connect with the Lord. That is why I say yoga gives you complete mind, body and soul alignment.”

Yoga has tremendous healing power and promotes good health in mind, body and soul. Benefits of yoga include better sleep, fewer colds and pain relief. It lowers blood pressure, improves posture, enhances flexibility, improves concentration, builds muscle strength, prevents cartilage and joint wear and tear, protects the spine, improves bone health, increases blood flow, boosts immunity, increases heart rate, regulates the adrenal glands, controls diabetes, improves balance, maintains the nervous system, releases tension and beats stress, builds lung strength and capacity, keeps allergies and viruses away, supports connective tissue, peace of mind, relaxes the system, increases self-esteem, builds inner strength, builds awareness, and helps you to lead a healthy and happy life.

Besides burning calories yoga also tones muscles. It is a complete workout which combines stretching, strengthening and poses with deep breathing, meditation or relaxation exercises.

Yoga also improves cognitive functions, boosting focus and memory. It offers relief from anxiety, stress, mental tension and depression. Many psychiatrists and psychologists recommend yoga to their clients with mental health issues.

Yoga is like a body-mind cleanser. It helps to boost metabolism and therefore contributes to maintaining a healthy weight. Yoga helps to massage the internal organs and keep them in good condition. It beats stress and depression which are the main causes of lifestyle diseases and several skin problems. Regular practice of yoga cleanses the skin and keeps it glowing and beautiful.

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