Poets & Poetry

Your epiphany

by Bhavi Gandhi (18)
St Francis of Assisi Convent H. School, Navsari

So here I am, staring at the stars.
Thinking of the times we can surely call ours.
It feels so lonely when you are not around;
Without you my soul is vacuous, yet it seems to weigh a pound.
I close my eyes,
And here you are.
Within my heart, yet so far!
I jaunt through the lanes we walked together ‘those’ days.
Blissful, yet aching too in many ways.

My psyche creates illusions,
Making me hallucinate that you are here.
But there isn’t any fallacy to the fact that to me you are so dear.
And then you destitute me even of your verses,
It’s as if I am creeping in a drizzle of curses.

Melancholy is making me mad.
I say I am tired, but actually just sad.
The midnight is the witness to my rare breakdown;
I gather myself consoling,
That we are still in the same forsaken town.

Thinking about you, I sleep.
But even in dreams I cannot let you go.
Perhaps this is what love for you fills me with; this is what love feels like.
Even in my dreams I picture to perfection
The way your lips curl to smile at different situations.
Perhaps it is waking up to the thought that you have a supernova
in your eyes
That fills me with a constant
craving for you.

The brisk dawn glances at the
saline traces on its way.
It squirms as if to say, “Traces aren’t meant to stay.”
So I start my day wishing
That it would end with us together beneath the skies.
At that time too I will be staring at the star,
A star that won’t be light years far; you!

Published in the October 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.