Your heart catching pace

Couldn’t you just call me?
There were ill omens around me.
I had a feeling of danger,
But you chose to act as a stranger.
Inside I knew you cared,
But to see me in pain you dared.
Now you lay on the ground,
With dark red bloodstains all around.
Seeing this sight my heart broke,
Thinking that it’s my worst mistake,
Walking slowly with shivering steps,
I walked towards you in distress,
Not knowing how to react,
I just held your hand and sat.
Seeing me you became restless,
To speak you tried your best,
But all I saw were deadly wounds on your face,
I could feel your heart catching pace.
Tears were rolling down my eyes,
I was helpless to even rise,
When suddenly I heard you speak,
And all you said were those three words in brief.
Suddenly it felt like I had conquered the universe,
But then it was too late for you to converse.
And all I could do was regret,
‘Cause never again I would indeed get,
Such a caring soul in life again.