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March, the month of exams is here. Stress is in the air. It is the time when students stay up nights with half a dozen cups of coffee to keep their eyes open. That is how students are, right? Opening their books at the last minute and wondering what is there in those fat, boring books. It always begins with planning of a very unrealistic timetable a week before exams. Of course, the timetable will never be followed and in the end there will be so much remaining to study that the only option that is left is skimming. Skim through important chapters, go through the very important concepts and you’re done. But does this happen ever? The answer is ‘no’. In the end the confused and tensed students just go through the important topics suggested by ten different people. Total mess and chaos are the results. But there is always a way to avoid this chaos.

Here are some tips to help you avoid the mess and score well in your examinations without having to sip multiple cups of coffee and stay awake all night.

Tips that would be helpful in the exam
  • Arrive at the exam venue ahead of time.
  • Bring all the materials you need.
  • Confidence matters a lot.
  • Do not panic, just relax.
  • Tackle the questions properly.
  • Manage your time during the exam.
  • Allocate your time.

Prepare a timetable

It is very important to prepare a proper timetable before starting your preparation for examinations. Plan the timetable yourself to help you to study what is required and what is not. Prioritize your subjects. Always spend maximum time on the subjects you are weak in. The tough subjects need a lot more time than the easier ones. Generally, students have the habit of leaving the tough ones until the last moment. Never do that. Start preparing for the subjects at a very early stage. The timetable should be prepared during the start of any session. If you follow it and study every day, you are definitely going to do well in your examinations.

Do not be confused about what to study

Reviewing plays a major part in preparing for examinations. When something is taught in class, come home and start reviewing it. If you do not understand something, get back to the class the next day and clear your doubts. This helps a lot in understanding complicated subjects. Use a highlighter to mark the important points that need to be memorized. Go through them again and again. During the examination, you will be able to literally visualize what you have studied and this will help you score good marks.

Get rid of that fear

Stress and fear are the major factors that stand as obstacles in the path of preparing for exams. Youngsters go on studying out of fear, “I have to score good marks or else what will others think of me?” Don’t be afraid of what others think of you. Do it for yourself and not for others. Once you get rid of that fear, things will start falling in the right place. Many students work really hard to score good marks in the exams but it is quite essential to understand that everybody does not have the same potential. This fact needs to be understood by parents, too, so that they stop pressurizing their children to secure the top most position. Parents should always be supportive of their children and help to boost their level of confidence. Once your confidence level is high, no one can stop you in your life’s endeavours.

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